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The Various Main Activities
Observation Compaigns
From 1996 till 2004
From 2004 and up, look at the scrolling list



The Venus 8 June 2004 Transit from Constantine, Algeria:
عبور الزهرة أمام قرص الشمس يوم 8 جوان


The May 4, 2004 Lunar Eclipse: الخسوف الكلي للقمر لـ 4 ماي 2004
The Campaign, and Photo & Essai Competitions
مسابقتا أحسن صورة للخسوف وأحسن بحث حوله

Ramadhan 1424: Our Communiques to the newsmedia for the beginning of Ramadhan and the Eid date.

The 2nd Constantine Astro Salon : Celebrating World Space Week 2003
The May 16, 2003 Lunar Eclipse campaign
The Best Constantine Site Competition organized by Sirius

Ramadhan 1423: The continuing saga!

LEONIDS 2002: Last year for the Leonids grand show
World Space Week 2002. Constantine Space Expo to celebrate WSW
The Great Planetary Alignment of May 2002.    

The Beginning of Ramadhan 1422: Wrong again!

Linear is Coming: A binocular comet for the year's end
The Sirius Radio program on Cirta FM. Its fourth year on the air
and stronger than ever!
The January 09-2001 Lunar Eclipse: Again 2.5 on Danjon's scale

The Media Campaign to get the Eid date straight!

The Starshine2 project
Participation at the Intl. Expo-Science at Tipaza in Algeria
The First National Expo on Scientific Activities for the Youth of Constantine
The Oran Summer School on Space Techniques
The Ninth Ghardaia National Astronomical Conference
The January 21-2000 Lunar Eclipse: Magnitude 2.5 on DANJON scale!!

The Latest News about the LEONIDS 99 with updates for years 2000 and 2001

 The 1999 Total Solar eclpse from Malkiya in the Syrian Kurdestan.

Open Doors to Astronomy at the Malek Haddad Cultural Palace: 22 January 2008
The Great Comet Hale-Bopp of 1997
Astronomy Day 1997, the first International consecration for Sirius  
The September 27, 1996 Lunar Eclipse
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