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Constantine 3-4-5 July 2000

The First National Expo on Scientific Activities for the Youth of Constantine took place at Constantine during the first week of July at Al-Khalifa Cultural Center in downtown Constantine. It is the first time such a scientific gathering happens during the recent Constantine history.

Organized by the League for Scientific and Techniques for the Youth, it was a well attended event with many hundreds of visitors crowding the exposition hall during the three days of the Salon.

Of course, Sirius answered present to the call, and was one of the most active participant in responding to the inquiries of the public. It has set up a large stand, well staffed (3 to 8 members attending in permanence!), with static exposition on astronomical topics, various computer presentations, display of meteorites, telescopes, as well as several of the projects with which it will participate to the Tipaza International Scientific Exposition in early July.

Not surprisingly, it got the Prize for the best expo and project (color printer), with as a close second , the valiant Mountada Association of Medea with its dazzling stand staffed by young smarties (petits debrouillards) with a lot of tricks to show to the visitors.


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