The 11th National Fair in Popular Astronomy .... 4-6 October- 2012, Constantine, Algeria ... World Space Week 2012 ...The Sun our Star.... Popular Science in Action   

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The Fair is also part of Algeria 's World Space Week 2013 celebrations.

In collaboration with the Arab Union of Astronomy & Space Sciences (AUASS)

Participation of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) as a cosponsor

Participation of the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) as a cosponsor

Sirius Algeria Festival
"Mars, the Next Frontier"
The planetary exploration goes on unabated, with a focus on the Red planet...

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The 12th Edition of the National Festival in Popular Astronomy
Year after year since 2001, the National Festivals in Popular Astronomy is held for the benefit of the public at large. In this twelfth edition we shall focus on the planet exploration and more particularly the red planet Mars.. From Viking to Pathfinder to Opportunity to Curiosity. There is indeed a new momentum to go for Mars which has captured people's imagination. It is a technological endeavor which soon enough will have a human counterpart and already astronauts are been thought for to become in due time Mars ready (Till now, one way ticket but the situation should improve)! Many activities will take place during this edition both high level ones and others for the general public. All this has made this Festival throughout the years a much sought astronomical rendez vous. Like usual, this year comes with its share of surprises, not the least a portable planetarium which will make for some great animation with the public....
La Douzième Edition du Festival National d'Astronomie Populaire
Pour la douzième fois depuis 2001, Sirius organise durant la Semaine Mondiale de l'Espace 2013 une grande kermesse de l'astronomie populaire à Constantine. Le thème cette année est l'exploration planétaire absente comme thème depuis un certain nombre d'années. Le point focal sera en particulier les missions vers la planète Mars ... en attendant une mission habitée à l'horizon 2030. Ce Festival a acquis au fil des ans ses lettres de noblesse et est devenu le rendez-vous annuel majeur pour les amateurs Algériens et ceux de la region. La participation internationle a touchée trois continents et plus d'une dizaine de pays l'année dernière ...

The Magic Dome

The Constantine Cosmos Caravan will entertain the public during the three days of the Festival
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This Year's Theme:
For WSW 2013
"Exploring Mars - Discovering Earth"

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