The10th National Fair in Popular Astronomy .... 29 October-1 Nov 2011, Constantine, Algeria ... World Space Week 2011 ...50 years of human space flight.... Popular Science in Action   


Co-sponsored by the AUASS, as well as the IAU and the AfAS

The Pictures

Months of Preparation and a Febrile last Week
A Rich Program of Lectures and Workshops
At Mentouri University with Claude Nicollier
At Kerboua Middle School, with Muszaphar Sheikh
The Theatre & the Chorale
The Competition for the Best Algerian Astro Amateur 2011
The Closing Ceremony and Prize Distribution
The Touristic Trip to the Anciant Cuicul (Djemila)

After Months of Preparation and a Febrile last Week, the Festival at Last Opened...


The exposition hall

More on the Festival Poster here. It was held in celebration of Gagarine's historical flight. See a rare picture of Gagarine here.
Here the city officials on the opening day: The Chief of staff of the Wali at left, and the Head of the State Popular Assembly at right (PAPW), with one of the special guests of the Festival, the Malaysian astronaut Muszaphar Sheikh Shukour.

The opening ceremony in presence of the various delegations and Dr.Chibane, the Constantine Mayor.

The traditional visit to the stands by the City officials. Here at the stand of the Jordanian Astronomical Association(See Here too) and ICOP next to it.

The Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) at left (Dr.Hamou), and at right, one of our sponsors, the society Graphic Project Center specialzed in cartography and the Sigs: GPC-DZ.

The ICOP stand staffed by Youssef Mater.

It was during the Festival that the Cirta Science IV Scientific Competition was officially launched . It will be held during the next several months to include all of the 47 High Schools of the Constantine Wilaya, and the names of the laureates will be announced officially on the 16th of April 2012, which is the Science Day in Algeria.

The Lebanese Astronomical Society, as usual, was present at our Festival.

The French stand of the Société Astronomique de France (SAF). Here on the picture, Philippe Morel its President, and Patrick Fuentes, head of the History Commitee of the SAF.

The Isra and Miraj Astronomy Club from Gaza

The El-Bouzjani Astronomy Association from Medea

The Tunisian corner. Both the Societé Astronomique de Tunisie (SAT) and the club Zarzouna were present.

The Jordanian Astronmical Society (JAS) came with three members. Here Youssef Mater at the stand.


The offical delegation visiting the stand of the Ecole Doctorale d'Astrophysique (EDA).

Here with youngsters from the Astronomy Club at Ain Fakroun, Oum El Bouaghi.

Like usual, quite few astronomy clubs from the South were present at the Festival, like the Qutb Astronomy Association from Berriane at the Ghardaia Governorate.

The CRAAG came in force this year again. The Ain Smara sismological regional station was present with some of its staff and its Director Mr.Amrani (We see a field sismograph working "live" here), and the CRAAG from Algiers witn 3 scientists includiing N.Seghouani, head of the Astronomy Department.

Some of the Sirius members who staffed and reception area and the Sirius stand.

Hocine Fihis from El Bousjani Club of Médéa equal to himself, entertaining the public with non stop astronomy animation.

Rocket launching session by the SAT. Sofien Kamoun president of the SAT supervising it. See more Here
A Rich Program of Lectures and Workshops
For the full program see here

The angkasawan (astronaut) Muszaphar Sheikh Shukor giving a talk on the opening day.

The round table going on on "50 Years of Human Presence in Space" with a distinguished international panel. Here speaking, Prof.Claude Nicollier of the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne and former Space Shuttle astronaut. At his right, Dr.Seghouani, head of the the Astronomy Depart. at the CRAAG. Next to him are Dr.Muszaphar Sheikh, the first Malaysian astronaut, and Prof.J.Mimouni Vice President of the Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Sciences from Algeria. Then Prof.A.Chaalane head of the Lebanese Science Research Council, Dr.Hafed Ateb, former president of the Societé Tunisienne d'Astronomie, in addition to Prof. P.Okeke from Nigeria at the right of C.Nicollier.


We were happy to have with us Prof. Pius Okeke, President of the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) and Director of the Basic Space Science Center in Nigeria.


As well as Bonaventure Okere from the Basic Space Science Center.
Hani Dalee from the Jordanian Astronomical Society during a round table about structuring the Arab astronomy associations at Dar El Imam. He gave earlier on a very scholarly and vivid talk on the Historical origin of the star names.
N.Seghouani (CRAAG) and P.Fuentes (SAF) lecturing on the rich astronomical heritage of the Algiers Observatory and the ongoing project of its restoration.


The evening workshop on meteorites going full steam with Phillipe Morel, the SAF president, directing it.

Here at right Prof.Hassan Darhmaoui from the Akhawayn University in Morocco.

Sofien Kamoun, actual president of the Tunisian Astrobnomical Society in action with the youth.
At Mentouri University with Claude Nicollier
See the poster here

Space-Shuttle-Discovery-STS-103 servicing mission to HST. Astronaut Claude Nicollier at right.

Nicollier talking about Space and Astronomy in general, and in particular about the mission STS-61 that "saved" NASA. Indeed in the wake of several failures including the Challenger catastrophy and the Mars Climate Orbiter loss, NASA couldn't afford failing on this 1 billion dollars program without being itself axed by deep cuts in its budget ... The Launch here.
During the servicing mission of STS103, C.Nicollier assisted by M.Foale insert the Fine Guidance Sensor into the HST.

A well attended lecture with mostly students from the core studies (1st & 2nd year) Exact Sciences, and the physics department, as well as graduate students.

... and with some of the Sirius members ! Check here too.
At Kerboua Middle School at Khroub City with Muszaphar Sheikh
A Royal Welcome ! More pictures Here

See more pictures of the event Here

Talking about his experience in space as Muslim. At right is the Director of the Kerboua Middle School, the man behind the event.
The Theatre & the Chorale
For more See

More Here

The Anouar chorale during the closing ceremony. As the guess director fo the chorale for the Festival was the famous international vocalist Kamel Achraf Rezzoug. See here.
The Best Algerian Astro Amateur 2011 Competition
See Here
The Closing Ceremony and Prize Distribution

Dr.Hafed Ateb from the Tunisian Astronomical Society

Dr .A.Chalane from Lebanon adressing the public.

Prof.P.Okeke, president of the AfAS (At left) receiving his honorary diploma from Dr.Seghouani.

Both Hani Dalee from the JAS and Dr.Claude Nicollier from l'Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne receiving their participation prize.

Mourad with the head of the Anouar choral group.

Philippe Morel, President of the French Astronomical Society (SAF) receiving his honorary diploma from Ateb Hafid, the past President of the SAT.
Visiting Landmarks in Center City
and the Touristic Trip to Anciant Cuicul (Djemila)

Visit at the newly renovated Hajj Ahmed Dey Palace, the last Dey before the fall of Constantine.

Visiting the Djemila Museum, South of Setif.

Walking on the Sidi M'cid supended bridge crossing the Rhummel river under foggy and misty conditions, right after the Ahmed Dey Palace visit.

At the Victory Arch at the Djemila Roman site

In front of the Temple