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Astronomy in Algeria
Perhaps the best medium sized study on the subject is the article written by Nidhal GUESSOUM, Karim MEZIANE, and Jamal MIMOUNI which has just appeared in the Arabic version (Al-Majalla al-Falakia) of the Giornale di Astronomia published by the Società Astronomica Italiana. (Largo E.Fermi, 5-50125 Firenze, Italy)


Arabic Version only

Algerian Astronomy Associations

In fact, save for a short article on the same subject written few years ago by one the authors (N.G.) in Mercuy , the publication of the ASP (Astronomical Association of the Pacific), this collective article coming at the turning of the century has the virtue, to our knowledge, of being the only one ever written on the subject! In fact another article came to our attention, it was written by an Algerian astronomer, Rachida Sadat, and published in Vol 2 of African Skies , an on line astronomy magazine published by WGSSA (The Working Group on Space Sciences in Africa), but of rather limited scope since despite the claim of the author to cover astronomy in Algeria, it mainly deals with the Bouzareah observatory past and present.

At this point, the article is only available in its original Arabic version. We will try to make it, at least portions of it, available in English and/or French in the future.

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