Pictures of the City of Constantine

(Taken by Jamal MIMOUNI and Tewfik SELLAMI)

Constantine from the South

Constantine from the Constantine University
on the Ain El-Bey heights.
We see the prominent Sidi Rached stony bridge and on the horizon the Hospital.
The Sidi Rached Stony Bridge

The majestuous Sidi Rached bridge with its main arch crossing the Rhummel river.

That's Constantine!
A City Built on a Rock
. . .
cut by a Huge Ravine through which the Rhummel River flow!

The Sidi M'cid Suspended Bridge

Another View of Sidi M'cid Bridge

Aerial View of Constantine Circa 1950 Looking from the South


A Garden in a Natural Depression

in Center City

Same View as the Previous one but Further Back along the Rhummel

The Emir Abdel Kader Mosque and University
on an Overcast Day

The monumental Emir Abdel Kader's Mosque is one
of the main landmarks of Constantine. The white squared building in the foreground
in the foreground houses the University of Islamic Sciences.
Emir Abdel Kader Mosque's
Main Entrance

A view of the Emir Abdel Kader Mosque from the esplanade.



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