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 Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria

The Ibn al-Haytham-II Days
at Mentouri University- 24-25 January 2016

Mentouri Constantine University physics
"From Lasers ... to General Relativity"
"Cosmic Symphonia"
-"Caravan of Light "

Mentouri Constantine University

An Activity Organized
by the Physics Department - Faculty of Basic Sciences

in collaboration with the Sirius Astronomy Association,
and the CDTA- Sétif
The "Caravan of Light" CDTA- DGRSDT
...and the "Constantine Cosmos Caravan" (CCC)

The Detailed Program is here
And the Diaporama Here

In Celebration of the IYL-2015
The Main page is here
...and here is the Ibn al-Haitham Days-I (21-22 April 2015)

Lectures: Day 1
(January 24, 2016)

Abderahmane TADJEDDINE

CNRS/Univ. Paris Sud

Synchrotron Light : The Swiss army knife of Physics and Chemistry

Shawki al-DALLAL
Ahlia University, Bahrain
Light on Stellar Evolution
HUAWEI Photonics Center, UK
The Physics of Solar Cells and Applications


CDTA, Algiers

Lasers and their Societal Applications

Noureddine MEBARKI

Mentouri Univ. Constantine, LPMPS

The Mystery of Light and the Emergence of Great Scientific Ideas


Mentouri University, LPMPS

100 Years of General Relativity

... with the participation of the "Caravan of Light" from CDTA, Setif.
international year light 2015
"Caravan of Light", CDTA-Sétif
international year light 2015 setif"Cosmic Symphonia" exhibit - Sirius

Activities Day 2
(January 25, 2016)


Followed by a Panel Discussion

"LIGHT: Beyond the Bulb" by the LBB project

Round Table

All the lecturers

Light from Terahertz to Gamma Rays

Theater Play

Physics Club team, Univ. Constantine

Light's Epic: From Ibn-al-Haitham to Einstein...

Experiments with Light

Physics Club team, Univ. Constantine

Astounding Experiments with Light

Check the Diaporama Here

Planetarium Sessions thoughout the Day
"Constantine Cosmos Caravan"

international year light 2015 Algeria

The Magic Dome

The Constantine Cosmos Caravan

international year light 2015
With the participation
of the Laboratory of Mathematical Physics and Subatomic Physics (LPMPS)

Year Light Algeria 2015 Constantine Année LumièreClick on the poster for the full picture

1- Colloquium
"From Lasers to General Relativity"

2- Exhibit /Hands On
"Caravan of Light"

3- Exhibit:
"Cosmic Symphonia "

international year light 2015 Africa Maghreb
Click on the poster for the full picture
The IYL-2015 Algeria: The Yearly Agenda
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