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 Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria

International Year of Light Arabic IYL Année de la lumière Algérie 2015 Année de la lumière Algeria 2015

Ghana IYL 2015 Light Africa The Africa Regional Conference and Exhibition on 'Harnessing Light"

14th - 16th September, 2015
Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana
In Celebration of the IYL-2015

- The Conference Resolutions
- The Conference Web site

The Grand Opening Ceremony

Ghana IYL 2015 Light Africa
The opening ceremony at the Accra Conference Center with Mme the Minister of Higher Education, ambassadors and various scientific personalities.

Ghana IYL2015 Light Africa
The opening.
Ghana IYL 2015 Light Africa
Many personalities from Ghana and outside were present at the opening ceremony.
Ghana IYL 2015 Light Africa
A rich program of conferences went on for three days. The whole event was masterly supervised by Riche-Mike Wellington from the UNESCO office in Ghana and scientifically wise by Prof.F.K.A.Allotey. See the scientific committee here.
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
Two lectures, "The Odyssey of Light " and "Colors of the Universe", were given by the Sirius President representing Algeria during those three days.
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
A third lecture was delivered at the demand of the organizers on the Scientific Culture and its Implications.
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
A large audience of both professionals and students attended religiously the various lectures.
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
An impressive exhibit was set up on light and its technology...

Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius

.... attended by a diverse public of all ages and walks of life.
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
The Sirius President standing among physics students.
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
Chatting with students on their projects.
The Museum of Science at Accra

The modest Accra's Museum of Science. Our friend Jacob Ashong, a planetarium Director, leading the way.
At the Accra's Planetarium with the Ashong's:
Awakening the Public to Science

With Jacob Ashong and Jane his wife in front of their planetarium that they have conceived, followed up and are managing.
Ghana Year Light Mimouni Sirius
The planetarium from the back. This planetarium, the only one in West Africa, is certainly a most worthy scientific facility and a a great tool to spread scientific awareness.

Planetarium's entrance

A Mediaglobe digital projector is the centerpiece of the planetarium

A tribute to the International Year of Light 2015 with the Algerian poster exhibited.
A vast courtyard surrounds the facility, which is also used as a permanent astronomy display.
Dense equatorial forest on one side, the Atlantic ocean on the other side.

The Conference Resolutions

  • Effective institutions need to be built to bring efficiency in the energy sector to diversify the energy mix, reduce risk and conserve energy with relevant technologies;
  • Effective research needs to be undertaken in solar and other renewable energy technologies to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and build capacity;
  • Development of both software and hardware technologies at tertiary institutions to enhance digital literacy and create high speed networks needs to be undertaken;
  • Proven photonic technologies need to be adequately deployed for effective healthcare delivery, agriculture, and environmental monitoring;
  • Light-based technologies that improve energy efficiency and enhance artistic value of cultural artefacts need to be employed in architectural designs and preservation of cultural heritage;
  • There needs to be a commitment to setting up national research foundations to support research to address our socio-economic development such as setting aside a fraction of national revenues to fund research;
  • The field of photonics should be introduced into the curriculum of medical schools;
  • Multi-disciplinary work should be facilitated—let medical doctors listen to and meet scientists for initiating cross-disciplinary research;
  • Government of Ghana should take leadership in bringing the issues from the Conference to a larger forum that brings together all regional stakeholders at the highest level of the African Union for further deliberation and implementation across the continent of Africa;
  • Government of Ghana should further spearhead the organization of a series of regional conferences to address each of the themes of the IYL 2015 and the issues emanating from the Conference.

As a means of leaving an important legacy with the celebration of the IYL 2015 for the African continent that would commemorate the strengthening of collaborations among the cross-cutting fields of the natural sciences, the social sciences and the arts to reinforce the objectives of the Africa Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action and the United Nations post-2015 Development Agenda for the continent, the Africa Regional Conference and Exhibition will work towards the achievement of the following key deliverables:

  • The upgrading of the Laser and Fibre Optics Centre (LAFOC) of the University of Cape Coast into a fully-fledged Institute for capacity-building and research in lasers and fibre optic communications;
  • The establishment of a Solar Technology Research Centre to enhance the study and promotion of solar science and the use of alternative energy;
  • The establishment of a sub-regional Laser Medical Application Laboratory (LMAL) for training medical practitioners and other professionals;
  • The establishment of a Museum of Light and Light-Based Technologies as part of solutions to emerging needs in the post-2015 UN Development Agenda.