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The China Expedition

More Chinese Peregrinations

More Central Solar Eclipse Campaigns with Sirius:
- Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 from Malkiya, Syria
- Total Solar Eclipse of October 5, 2005 from Batna, Algeria
- Annular Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006, from Jalu, Libya


In Expectation of the July 22, 2027 Eclipse
The "Arab's Eclipse"

L'éclipse du 2 août 2027 est l'éclipse solaire homologue de celle du 22 juillet 2009. Ce sera l'une des plus longues du XXIe siècle.
Cette éclipse survenant un Saros après celle de Shanghaï, elle sera visible environ 120° à l'ouest et sera donc visible depuis l'Afrique du Nord. Les pays concernés seront pour la plupart des pays arabo-musulmans. Un seul pays européen sera concerné, l'extrême sud de l'Espagne, puisque cette éclipse impliquera le détroit de Gibraltar.

The China Expedition
The longer story

The Press Conference at the APC headquarters
on the Departure Day

A press conference was organized at the APC by Sirius the day of the departure in presence of the newsmedia.

In the first row, the 4 laureates, three from Cirta-Science II competition, and one from the 7th National Salon in Popular Astronomy Concours.

In the back, Dr.Chibane (reading), the Constantine Mayor, delivering a farewell address.

Day D-1: The ultimate briefing in the hotel's lobby

In the heat of the action

Befriendling friendly people

A visit to the Phoenix Mosque in Shanghai, one of the oldest mosque in the region

The Mosque once it will be rehabilitated.More on the Mosque here


More Chinese peregrinations

More Shots from Radhouane Benmehia
from Jalu, Libya, March 29, 2006