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 Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria


Visit to the Ahmed Slimani High School
Tazoult, Batna Wilaya

March 20, 2019

The Photorama

On our way to Tazoult:

With Zeneb, a Sirius member, giving a basic talk on the Universe.

Cheima during her presentation.

With the Eco Club of the High School

The planetarium shows have been going on non-stop during the whole day.

The planetarium shows have been going on non-stop so as to permit all the students to benefit.

Here the Sirius group with most of the High School's staff

Hichem receiving in the name of Sirius a honorary diploma from the High School administrator. Here with the High School Dierctor

Khaled talking to a class.


Exchanging gifts... Here giving to the High School a large number of posters of IAU100-Algeria. At right, Moussa Meddour, the general secretary of Sirius, receiving a diploma of merit. Seated is the High School's Headmaster.