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 Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria

Race to Space Contest
Visit to the Space Camp - Hunstville-Ala

Race to Space Sirius Algeria 2016

Check the video on the visit on Youtube or here

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From one landscape to another...

Reaching the Space Camp at night at Hunstville, Alabama.

Inside the camp.
The habitation quarters

At the control room.

Building rockets

Christopher Meyer, the sympathetic Space Camp Director-

Aspiring future astronauts...

Simulating motion in weak lunar gravity ...

Skuba diving...

EVA mission on Zarya module.

A view of the the huge training ground complex

Graduation ceremony

Next door to the Space Camp, the Cosmic Apple Tree. For explanations, see here.

The second stage of the Saturn rocket at the Space Museum within the confines of the camp.

The powerful Saturn rockets which brought the Apollo crew to the Moon.

Algero-Morrocan friendship
The Maghrebin group with astronaut Wendy B.Lawrence.

Open air astronautical museum
Former Apollo engineer doing voluntary work at the Camp Museum.
A tribute to the pioneers

In front of the Space Shuttle
The Washington Visit

In front of a specimen of Hubble Space Telescope

Overflying the Pentagon at low altitude
At the National Air & Space Museum

Meeting with Eric Pelofsky, Special Assistant to President Obama for North Africa, National Security Council member.

At our Embassy

Back to Algiers

The visit to the White House

At a baseball game

On our way back: At Atlanta airport.

The team meeting with Joan A. Polaschik, US Ambassador to Algeria

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center à Huntsville, Alabama
The trip for the candidates is set to be in the beginning of August
Race to Space Sirius Algeria 2016