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The Spring 2013 trip to Ouled Djellal
the Door of the Sahara
Sirius is Back
As Guests of the APC and the Office du Tourisme
Mission: Bring some Scientific Culture in the region through lectures, an exhibit, and night sighting...

Invited by the APC and the Chamber of Tourism of Ouled Djellal, we brought a bus full of joyful Siriusians there to animate the scientific life for the Spring vacations. Great way to spend vacations isn't it?
Ouled Djellal Sirius astronomie
A great journey ... and an exceptional welcome
...but we first visited the fabulous Rhoufi gorges and caves on our way

Down to the Oued

The view of the canyon from above

Crossing the Oued

Few momentous hours of strolling, a great pique-nique lunch, and some special action....

Back to the top
Towards Ouled Djellal... reaching the land of Hezia

Going through El Kantara on our way to Ouled Djellal.

All the local authorities were there to welcome us.

Giving away hundreds of astronomical posters and pedagogical items brought as a gift from Sirius to the schools of the region.

Several public lectures were given

Putting up the exhibit

The Youth Hostel where we stayed at

Visiting historical places
Hezia poetess
The cemetery where the real Hezia is buried
Hezia poetess
Her tomb. And here a suggestive picture of the heroine

Night observation. Initiating the locals to the wonders of the sky.

The mood at departure...

... and back

Leaving a land dear to us