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The 10th Arab Conference on Astronomy & Space Sciences
Muscat -Oman
All the details at the official site Here

05-08 February 2012
Organized by the Omani Astronomical Society and AUASS

Diaporama of the Omani Meeting
Pictures by Nassim, Nasser, Fares and Jamal

The four minus one members of the Algerian delegation

Leaving the Ain-Bey airport in Constantine, Algeria.

Flying above the snow covered Djurdjura mountainrange.
Oman astronomy
Some strange metamorphosis occured to one member of the Sirius delegation...
Oman astronomy
Reaching Oman by night

Getting the Sirius stand ready
Oman astronomy
Oman astronomy
The largest booth was that of Sirius without contest: it spanned three regular stands!
Oman astronomy
... and perhaps the most popular too: Giving away astronomical posters
Oman astronomy inauguration
The exhibition's grand opening. Here the representative of Sultan Qabous visiting the Sirius corner.
Oman astronomy AUASS
The inaugural ceremony.
Oman astronomy telescope

Each of the 3 members of the Sirius delegation gave a talk. That was the only delegation who had each of its member give a scheduled talk. In addition, there was one additionnal talk given by Dr. Seghouani here in the picture. That's 4 talks presented by the Algerian delegation..

Fares from Sirius giving his talk

Meeting of the AUASS Higher Council where Algeria was represented by the Sirius president.
AUASS Oman astronomy

A scene from the daily life at Oman.

Maghrebi table, with the presence of Algerians, Morrocan, Tunisian, and Libyan.
Activities around the Sirius Stand

Receiving delegation upon delegation...

Here with our good Moroccan colleague from Canada, Ismael Moumen

Receiving various school groups

With aspiring Roumanian astronaut Virgiliu Pop

Receiving Franz Kerschbaum, a well known Austrian astrophysicist and his spouse.

... fast going astronomical postcards produced by Sirius
The Other Associations' Booths

With the Sharjah University Astronomical Club

At the Injaz private school stand

With the Jordanian Astronomical Society

... and the United Emirate Astro Society

The closing ceremony