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Arthur CLARKE on Islam
(Extract from an article in Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 19, Number 2)
The well known scientific writer
and deep humanist thinker.



 Do you see any value at all in the various religions?
A.Clarke:  Though I sometimes call myself a crypto-Buddhist, Buddhism is not a religion. Of those around at the moment, Islam is the only one that has any appeal to me. But, of course, Islam has been tainted by other influences. The Muslims are behaving like Christians, I'm afraid.
Question:  What appeals to you in Islam?
A.Clarke:  Historically, Islam had a great deal of tolerance for other views and offered the world its priceless wisdom in the form of astronomy and algebra. And, as you know, Islam helped rescue Western civilization from the Dark Ages by preserving classical texts and transmitting them to the West. We, on the other hand, burned the library at Alexandria. If Islam hadn't fallen into internecine warfare and had gone on to conquer the rest of Europe, we'd have avoided a thousand years of Christian barbarism.
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