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The Third Arab Youth Meeting
on Amateur Astronomy & Space Sciences

1-6 August 2009
Constantine, Algeria

Sirius in Cooperation with the AUASS


Some places we will be visiting
Follow the Touristic trip with Google Earth: Download the Google Earth file

At far left the famous Sidi M'cid bridge in center city, then the Emir Abdelkader Mosque & University, the largest Mosque as far as the overall superficy in Africa. At far left the Dey's Palace at Constantine, which has just completed its restauration and is not yet open to the public. As a special favor for the Arab Meeting, we got a special permission to visit it. Then the Beni Haroun dam, one of the largest in Africa, in our way to Jijel on Tuesday.
In the center: we will be engaging in at least one sighting night.

The Detailed Program
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Breaking News: The International TWAN Astronomical Exposition
will be at our meeting

The TWAN exhibition a cornerstone project of the Intl.Year of Astronomy 2009 will indeed be opening at Constantine to coincide with the Third Arab Meeting. It will be hosted at the Malek Haddad exposition Hall next to the meeting hall and wiill be inaugurated on the afternoon of the opening day.
The Third Arab Meeting on National TV

The Third Arab Meeting
on Algerian National TV

Indeed the various ENTV News segments during August 3rd covered the opening ceremony both in Arabic & Amazigh.

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