Photos of the August 11 /99 Eclipse
from Malkiya - Syria

(Pictures taken by Jamal MIMOUNI with the cooperation of Nabil Sairafi)

The Algerian Team of Observers

From left to right, standing and sitting:
Ismail, Riadh, Chamseddine, Jamal
(Abdel Hakim missing)

The Two Members of the SIRIUS Delegation
in Blissful Contemplation

From left to right
Chamseddine MOUATSI and Jamal MIMOUNI.
The Sun's Disk Bitten!

Some 10 mn after the start
The Sun's Disk Nibbled

Some 20 mn after the start
Notice the 3 large solar spots.
The Sun's Disk gulped

Some 30 mn after the start
The Sun Disk Snatched

Some 40 mn after the start
The Sun's Disk Gobbled

Less than 15 mn before the totality
The Sun's Disk Devored

Few minutes before the totality
The Sun's Disk Swallowed

The Corona in all its Glory
Whirlwind from the North West

Half way during the Partial Eclipse

More Pictures of the Arab Delegations

They came from Kuweit, Jordan, Syria
Lybia, Tunis, and Algeria
Gathering arround the Projection Screen

The observation site was at the top floor
of a high school in the city of Malkiya, in the province of Hasakeh, at the Northern tip of Syria