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BREAKING NEWS: The 15th National Festival in Popular Astronomy-23-25 March 2017 ... The new Sirius Mirror issue ... Sirius get a first prize at the 100 Hours of Astronomy Intl. Competition ... The Arabic mirror of the Astronomy Picture of the Day site is now active ... The Tenth Arab Conference on Astronomy & Space Sciences at Muscat, Oman
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Sirius get a First prize
at the 100 Hours of Astronomy Intl. Competition
Our Youth Ministry's Congratulation letter
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The 10th Sirius Voice Special Issue
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One of the best ephemerid site (In French)
Well known Arabic Astronomy site. News...Views...Articles

Site of the:
Syrian Amateur Astronomy Association (saaa)

A true gold mine
Calsky: Perhaps the most complete astronomical observation and information online.
The Must site in Astrophotography
The previous issues of the Sirius Mirror

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The Space Calendar

All the space events for the next two years from JPL Index
The weekly radio show"Dounia el-Ouloum" on Constantine Radio produced by our Association, has become "Nadi el-Maarifa"
Radio program astronomy
...now in its 14th year of activity!
- Follow the program on line every Friday 17:30-18:30 UT on FM 93.9
Salon Sirius 2014 The 13th Popular Astronomy Festival : Constantine, 25-27 Sept - 2014: Bringing Cosmology to the public
Amateur and professional astronomers from all over the region will be converging to Constantine.. The theme this year will be "Man & the Cosmos" and there will be like usual a rich program. It is also a celebration of World Space Week 2014, although due to Eid al-fitr coming in early October we had to advance the date by a week..... More here
Rewarding the Laureates of Cirta-Science6 with a modern day adventure: 08-15 Sept - 2014:. From LHC at its two mammoth detectors ATLAS and CMS, to the Paul Scherrer Institute at Zurich, to the Leibstadt nuclear power plant, to Einstein apartment at Bern, to the Geneva observatory and much more. A septimana mirabilis for the 12 youths of this scientific caravan which crisscrossed this peaceful land... More here.
Ramadhan 2014 Ramadhan pages for 2014/1435h
The Eid celebration should be on Tuesday July 29 for Algeria and the Muslim World according to the crescent visibility and the various astronomical visibility criteria. It could only be Monday 28 of July if based on a visual crescent mis-identification in Algeria or the Arab countries, or if one use the strict computation method uncorrelated with the direct crescent visibility.... Read More
Along the Path of Eratosthenes :
21 June 2014
: Constantine
Measuring Earth's diameter 2200 years after the Alexandrian scholar, that's what hundreds of kids and adults alike will do in partnership with a network of associations across Algeria and the World. Sirius is also part of the SAF and AFA network Journée du Soleil- Pierres Bourge" as well as the network of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
... More here.
Sirius in Central Africa for the Nov 3, 2013 total Solar Eclipse :
Sirius was invited to participate to the observation campaign for the total solar eclipse going through the heart of Africa after having crossed the Atlantic ocean. Its president was also requested to give public lectures and astronomy workshops at Libreville.. Here is a photoreportage of the trip to Gabon.
The Constantine Cosmic Caravan with Prof.Oluseyi : October 6, 2013
Thanks to the US Cultural Section al Algiers, we were able to have Prof. Oluseyi, a cosmologist and science media star from Florida Institute of Technology to give a series of lectures to the general public, an University audience and Middle School students. Following the trail of the speaker ...
More here.
Algerie Astronomie Festival Popular The Popular Astronomy Festival in its 12th Edition : Constantine, 3-5 0ct - 2013
Bringing together amateur and professional astronomers from all over the region, that's the ambition of these epoch making popular Festivals. This year's theme chosen by "World Space Week" is : Exploring Mars - Discovering Earth ". We will be discussing the new wave of robotic exploration spacecrafts to the Red Planet.... More here and some pictures.
Cirta-Science 5: to the land of the Rising Sun: Japan , 10-17 Sept - 2013
The three laureates of the year 2013 competition went to Japan and visited the Nobeyama radiotelescope and the legendary Mount Fuji in addition to various cultural and tourist peregrinations in and around Tokyo. The group made it through a typhoon and a (mild) earthquake... More here
Ramadan Algerie Special Ramadhan pages for 2013/1434h
The Eid celebration could either be on Thursday August 8 (No account for crescent sighting) or on Friday August 9 according to effective crescent sighting. See our press releases Here and Here ...
As for Ramadhan beginning, the conjunction of the new Moon will be on July 08 at 07:14 UT. The crescent won't be visible anywhere in Algeria as the Moon sets before the Sun in Northern Algeria... Read More
Concluding a busy Year 2013 :
6 of July
, Constantine
It was a long year and all needed a break. An end of the year event was organized at Mansoura's Youth House to celebrate the season's end, assess the year long achievements and congratulate those who graduated. A festive ambiance among much astronomical animation. ... More here.
Along the Path of Eratosthenes :
20 -June 2013

Measuring Earth's diameter 2200 years after the Alexandrian scholar, that's what hundreds of kids and adults alike did from Constantine in coordination with the Astronomy section at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina . Sirius set up a regional network spanning Algeria from East, to West and South reaching till the Djerba Island in Tunisia. The diameter results were quite close to those expected ... More here.
Back to the Big Bang : 16 May -2013
A series of lectures organized by Sirius at Constantine University at the occasion of the physics Masterclass organized by the LPMPS Labo and ICTP-Udine LHC group. The speakers were two high energy experimental physicists from Trieste in Italy. It was about the physics of the LHC and how it may help us understand the Universe at Big Bang time ...More here.

The Constantine Cosmic Caravan in action : April 19, 2013
Launched to coincide National Student Day, the Constantine Cosmos Caravan kick off was from the heartland of the Engineering bloc of Constantine University at the Chaabat Errassas campus on 19th of April. Large crowds were there to take the fascinating journey through day long planetarium shows and an exquisite astronomy exhibit ... More here.

More Here on the Previous Sirius Activities (Prior to 2013):
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The Scrolling List of events:
Recent events ( 2012 onwards):
Events from year 1996 to 2012 :

arabic page activities
Some Good Sheets
Our Observations
Total Eclipse of August 11' 1999
By: Chamseddine Mouatsi
(In Arabic)

An Islamic View of the Universe
Modern Cosmology in the Islamic Worldview
By Bruno Guiderdoni (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)
Les Lentilles Gravitationnelles
By: Sihem KALLI
(In French | Arabic )

A GEM from Arthur CLARKE
The well known scientific writer and deep humanist thinker 

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Radio program astronomy


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