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The Scrolling List of events:
Recent events ( 2012 onwards):
Events from year 1996 to 2012 :

Symposium: The Pleasure of Astronomy
Bringing the Intl. Year of Astronomy 2009 to the Campus!

Mentouri University: 23-24 June 2009
Emir Abdelkader University :
25 June 2009
With the participation of Dr.Nidhal Guessoum from the American University at Sharjah. A rich program of lectures, expo, movies, observations...
"Nadi el-Maarifa", a weekly radio show on Constantine Radio produced by our Association, has become "Dounia el-Ouloum"
Radio program astronomy in its 12th year of activity!
- Follow the program on line every Friday 16:30-17:00 UT, or on FM 93.9
Cirta-Science Competition Constantine
The Grand Cirta-Science II Competition:
Malek Haddad Palace, 5 February 2009
Announce of the results: April 17, UEAK
For the best of the best. Again this year, Sirius is organizing a competition among the 500 brightest students of the Constantine governorate High Schools. The prize for the first three will be a travel to China to witness the total solar eclipse of July 22, 2009... Follow the ceremony On line. See the ENTV News on it, the Pictures and the Clip.

Sirius Voice Issue #9
Click here to download it Index

100 hours of astronomy AlgeriaThe 100 Hours of Astronomy
International site

100 Hours of Astronomy at Constantine
The Ahmed Saadi Youth Center and the Plaza of the Emir AbdelKader Mosque, 2-5 April 2009
Joining the World in repeating Galileo's sighting of the night sky through his refractor. We convey the public to join us in a rich program of activities centered on the night sky lores...
Read More
Breaking News: Sirius is the winner of the Award Six for the Most Publicized 100 Hours of Astronomy competition....Read More
Who is Sirius?

sirius star

A double star sytem with a White Dwarf as a compagnion .. More
A single group of people with a passion to share...More
The Opening of the Intl. Year of Astro 2009 at Paris. Sirius was there!
Paris 14-15 Jan 2009
The opening of the International Astronomy Year 2009 took place at the UNESCO center at Paris on the 14-15 January 2009. Algeria was well represented by ....Read more

Check the Algerian site of IYA 09
Mosque Constantine EAK
Emie Mosque Constantine EAK
Venus Occultation by the Moon

The December 1, 2008 Venus Occultation by the Moon
Constantine 1 December 2008:
A great atronomical event graced this end of the year: the bright Venus was swept by the Moon to reappear some one hour later. Watch at emersion a diamond like Venus next to the Moon's lower horn...Read more

Latest on Sirius
Sirius in the medua
Sirius, guest of theCanal Algerie TV Channel (in French)
Follow it on YouTube Part1 & Part2
The Seventh National Fair in Popular Astronomy.
Constantine 30 0ct - 1 Nov 2008
A new edition of this popular yearly Astronomy Salon. An ever larger participation, more activities, more beautiful...This event is held as part of the International Space Week celebration whose theme this year is "Exploring the Universe", and as an early start of the International Astronomy Year 2009.

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The Ahmed Saadi Youth House where the weekly association meetings are held
Ramadhan & Eid 2008
Press Release for this year's Eid
Since the Moon is setting before the Sun on September 29, the crescent will be impossible to see on that evening from all over the Islamic world, and we are bound to complete the month of Ramadhan and fast 30 days, celebrating the Eid on Wednesday 1 October...
In French ..... In Arabic
- The Bonatiro saga...
- Le Mot de la Fin sur le Comité des Croissants

"Thuraya: The Sirius Mirror"
The first issue...

Thuraya 00 Thuraya 01
Thuraya 02 Thuraya 03

The New Sirius
electronic newsletter
in Pdf format

The Grand Cirta-Science Competition I: The 500 best minds of the Constantine governorate High Schools competed for a travel to ESA facilities at ESTEC and Cologne (EAC). Que le meilleur gagne!
The trip to ESA Facilities,
a reportage in pictures
Heavens Above
to know the artificial satellites crossing your horizon.
Registration help (In Arabic)


Guessoum lecture
Seminars on Cosmology & Science:
Two high powered seminars were organized by Sirius in coordination with the Mentouri Univ.'s Faculty of Science (Mélanges Cosmologiques), and the Constantine's Municipality (Science in the Arab World) involving two well known Algerian astrophysicists: N.Guessoum and A.Hamza... More

Eclipse 2005 Algeria

The Total Lunar Eclipse of 21 February 2008
The Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21 February 2008:
The last of the decade in Algeria. All about the sighting campaign with pictures.

● Eclipse of 2000 / 2001 / 2002 / 2003


El Oued Astronomie Algérie

Scientific Training Program
with the El-Oued Scout groups

January 2008
Seven members of Sirius went at El Oued and Touggourt in a coperation with the scout groups there to organize an astronomy training camp there... More Here

The Sixth National Fair in Popular Astronomy
The Sixth National Fair in Popular Astronomy
Constantine 30 0ctober - 1 November 2007
Right around the corner is a new edition of this popular yearly Salon. It will again see a high level of interaction beween the astronomy community and the amateurs. This event is held as part of the International Space Week celebration whose theme this year is "50years in Space" as we are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Spoutnik1 launch.
Ramadhan 1428 crescent
Ramadhan 1428 /2007
Press Release for this year's fasting
Comme l'Association Sirius a habitué le public à chaque mois de Ramadhan, voici le communiqué concernant la possibilité de visibilité du croissant lunaire et ses implications concernant le début du mois de jeûne...
Les Prédictions de Mr. Bonatiro: un cauchemar national
The AUASS Conference at Djerba, Tunisia
20-23 March 2007: Organized by the Jeunes-Sciences Djerba section, this Ninth AUASS Conference brought together dozens of astronomers from all over the Arab world and Europa... and some 25 from Sirius! More here
Ahmed Djebbar lecture
Lectures on the History of Science
Sirius invited for the April 16 National Science Day, Prof.A.Djebbar from Lille Univ., the well known historian of science and former Minister of Higher Education. We organized two public lectures, one for the general public, and the other one for the University community in coordination with the Mentouri Univ.'s Faculty of Science. See more

Previous Events from Years 1996 to 2012 :
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