Part II
La Caravane Algérienne de la Science
 Un Périple au Cœur de l’Europe Scientifique
8-15 Septembre, 2014
Le Grand Concours Cirta Science 6

English coverage of the visit by the online magazine Inspire

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At the ATLAS Detector

The Atlas detector in all its glory. We were among the few last groups to visit it as it was about to be sealed off for the outside world for many years due to the high level of radiation it produces when in operation.

Getting a briefing on the CERN organisation

Dr. Kate Shaw, our devoted guide from the Atlas Udine group at Trieste

The group meeting with Prof.Frederick Bordry, Director of the CERN accelerators division

Prof.J.Ellis, the well known CERN physicist, delivering an introductory talk on particle physics to our group.
At the CMS

The mystery picture at the CMS detector. What is this? Whoever find it please drop us a note at our box to claim your prize.

At the AMS facility 

Being briefed on the PSI Zurich facility

Group picture with the CMS in the back.


Meeting at our Hotel with A.Djouadi (At left)and R.Soualah (Second from right), two Algerian physicists working at CERN

At the Geneva Observatory

At the Geneva Observatory: An introductory lecture for the group
Inside the Berne Cathedral

The monumental Berne Cathedral with the highest steeple in Switzerland

Kids gathering donations for the paperless migrants next to the Church.

Einstein's desk

A view from Einstein's window
At the Musée de la Croix Rouge at Geneva

The Rwanda horror wall: victims of ethnic cleansing

The hall of chains, symbolizing the chains of oppression and persecution of man by man...
At the Geneva University & Library

The manuscript of Ulugh Beg. Here a detail of the manuscript.

At the Salle du Grand Conseil at Geneva

At Berne, the Federal Capital

The famous Clock Tower (La Tour de l’Horloge ou Zytglogge)

Using the time machine

Historical Bern with its fast flowing Aare river loop

Off the road near Geneva
Back to Geneva

At the Mosque's library

Visiting the Geneva's main Mosque with the Imam

A modern style Church in downtown Geneva

In front of the giant water jet of the Geneva Lake
Cirta Science 6