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When Reality
is Turned Upside Down
Out of totality
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A total solar eclipse is an amazing event. It is inexpressibly beautiful yet scientifically accurate. Think about how improbable it is for an eclipse to occur at all with the Sun being 400 times larger than the moon yet 400 times farther away from the Earth. The apparent disk of the Moon is just large enough to cover the whole SunYet the phenomenon is predictable to the last detail: the moment and location of future eclipses are known for many millennia, and could be computed accurately. Details are specifics to each eclipse and make up its glory sights. We can see at the naked eye during totality the corona's platinum light, solar flares, Bailey's beads, shadow bands. Even animals react with bewilderment, not talking about the humans especially those at Jalu.

Totality! Jalu April 29, 2006


The March 29th 2006
Solar Eclipse
 This total solar eclipse, the fourth of the new century will be visible in a narrow band crossing close to half the Earth's surface. Starting from Eastern Brazil, it will cross Africa diagonally, then Turkey and South West Asia It will only be partial in Algeria.
As expected, the Sirius Astronomy Association answered ready for this great astronomical event.


The Algerian Caravan for Science and Brotherhood

Sirius is organizing a National Caravan heading toward Libya to observe the eclipse inside the band of totality. This caravan called "The Algerian Caravan for Science and Brotherhood" will leave Constantine on the 26 of March for the international observing site of Jalu in the Eastern South of Libya.
The Eclipse Sequence
(Chamseddine Mouatsi)

Jalu, March 29 sequence

The March 29th 2006 Total Solar Eclipse, © Sirius Astronomy Association
Conception: Chamseddine MOUATSI // Sirius Astronomy Astronomy