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Année 2016-2017

Check the trip to the US for the laureates

The Cirta Science 9 Trip
A Midwest Adventure

18-25 August 2017
1-Sighting the August 21, Eclipse
2- Visiting Downtown Chicago
3-Touring Fermilab and Argonne Laboratories

Special Diaporama of the Closing Ceremony
Emir Abdelkader University - April 21, 2017
Media coverage: Anasr, APS, APS-Ar, Le Quotidien d'Oran, El Massa...

The closing ceremony at the Emir Abdelkader University. Sneaking in between the Legislative Election campaign which shuts up basically all other activities...

A special guest, Dr.Abdelhak Mahjoub from ENS, Mentouri-3 University lecturing on "Earth's History in 24 hours".

Our mathematician and poet Nadhir Teyyar in action: "An Hymn to Astrophysics".

The duo from the Rabah Bitat High School on "Freedom". German rendering with Arabic translation.

The chorale from the the "Ajyal" troup directed by the internationally renowned vocalist Abderahmane Bouhbila. See here an early show at our Association when he was just consecrated the "Al-Sharjah's mounchid".

Abderahmane Bouhbila leading his troup (All young orphans).

Announcing the laureates...

The three first prizes laureates one for each level: From left to right, Salem Soumia from Nouioua Fatima High School, Matmat Amira-Sirine fom Saadane Sisters High School, and Beghoul Amine from Ibn Taymiya High School. Full scoring details here.

The second and third prizes laureates for each year were also honored.

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