Science Constantine Algeria


Année 2015-2016

Special Diaporama of the Closing Ceremony
Malek Haddad Cultural Palace-April 23, 2016

Sirius Science contest Algeria
The closing ceremony at the Malek Haddad Cultural Palace: Making it an opportunity for entertainment and learning for all.
Sirius Science contest Algeria Batna
A special guest and gifted lecturer from Batna University, Prof. Belkacem Adouane entertaining the public on science and life..
Sirius Science contest Algeria Constantine
As usual, there were guests from abroad intervening through Skype.

Dr. Oussama Metatla from Bristol University in the UK.

... and Dr. Abderahmen Zoghbi from Maryland, USA
Sirius Science contest Algeria Constantine Khroub
The chorale of the Kerboua Abdelhamid Middle School
Sirius Science contest Algeria Constantine
"The Odyssey of Light", an imposing theatrical play by the Sirius troupe.
Sirius Science contest Algeria ConstantineTheater
An idea of J.M., the scenario by Bouchra Lebsir, the realisation by Benilles and al.

The group with all the actors. Could you find Euclid, Ibn al-Haitham, Descartes, Newton, Huyghens, Einstein, Townes...?

The three laureates, from left to right: Esma Bouhouhou (3rd year, Sisters Saadane High School), Sara-Anfal Louamri, 2nd year at Boushaba technicum; and Mhd Aymen Boussalya, first year Sisters Saadane High School.
Sirius Science contest Algeria Constantine
Here receiving their distinctions from the Wali's representative and the Vice President of the APW (Wilaya Executive Commission).

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