OKThe 50th Anniversary
of the Moon Landing - Algeria,
IAU-100 Celebrations
20-27 July 2019, Algiers
Palais de la Culture Moufdi Zakaria

Program : البرنامج

What is it?

Multi-faceted Event for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 mission in the Algerian Capital within the IAU100 celebrations. One week celebrations, four different exhibits at once from Space to Astrophoto, lecture series, film Festival on the Space Conquest, daily workshops and activities for kids, free planetarium sessions.. and more. All this at the Moufdi Zakaria Cultural Palace, the most beautiful cultural space in the capital overlooking the Bay of Algiers.

Organized by:

- Sirius Astronomy Association, Constantine
- Ligue de la Jeunesse Scientifique, LJSA, Ouled Fayet, Algiers
- CRAAG, Bouzareah
and the support and partnership of:
- Direction de la Recherche Scientifique, DGRSDT, MES
- ONCI, Ministère de la Culture
- Agence Spatiale Algérienne, ASAL

The Poster

Official Program البرنامج الرسمي
(Daily updates )
The Event (20-27 July ) comprises :

(From 13h00 to 19h00)

- Four Exhibits related to Space and Astronomy including "Above & Beyond"
- Apollo Exhibit : Saturn V rocket + CM + Scenerie Apollo 11 + Algerian Space Program (ASAL)
- Scientific Film Festival on the Space Conquest
- Thiteen lectures by scientists and well known specialists
- Activities with the youth : workshops, experiments, films, competitions...(From 13h to18h)
- Astronomical sighting with telescopes (Esplanade of the Palais de la Culture from 20h à 22h)

1- Four Exhibits Related to Space & Astronomy

Expo 1: "Above and Beyond", IAU100, 12 panels :  ما أعلاه وما وراء

Expo 2: Apollo 11 & the Conquest of Space : 15 panels :  غزو الفضاء  

Expo 3: "Cosmic Symphony", 45 panels : السيمفونيا الكونية

Expo 4: Astrophotos: Mohamed Aissa Moussa, Guerarra:  بدائع الكون من الصحراء


2- Exhibitions of Apollo rockets models and the ASAL Wing

- Saturn V rocket + CM (Command Module) + Scenerie Apollo 11 
- ASAL wing (Algerian Space Agency) : Scale 1:1 of most of the Algerian satellites, panels on the Algerian program, interactive display...

3- Film Festival on the Space Conquest
(Sirius - Hichem Guergouri

OKAmong the movies:
Apollo 11 (Just released), Hidden Figures, Dawn of the Space Age, Interstellar, the Martian, In the Shadow of the Moon, Gravity, documentary movies on space conquest...
Detailed Program: البرنامج المفصل


4- Activities with the Youth: 13h - 18h every day
(Sirius + LJSA)

 Astronomy workshops, Planetarium shows, daily interactive activities for the youth, film festival  (For Sirius: Cheima Ali-Khodja, Zeyneb Aissani, Farah Derradji, Khaoula Laggoune, Hichem Guergouri, Sofiane Ouaari, Koreishi Benyelles, Moussa Meddour, Khaled Chebri, Mehdi Boulsene, Kheireddine Aouane, Smail Beyoud, Mohamed Aissa-Moussa, Yousra Mimouni, Hiba Mimouni...)

5- Planetarium shows: 13h - 18h, every day

- Introduction to the night sky
- The solar system
- The invention of the telescope
The last two shows were produced by the Sirius Association, with the translation in Arabic as well as the voice recording in Arabic and English by Khaoula Laggoune, with the technical assistance of
Hichem Guergouri

6- Evening Astronomical Viewing

  Dimanche 21, Mardi 23, Jeudi 25: de 8h30 à 10h: Esplanade du Palais de la Culture (La cour centrale). Suivant la météo, confirmation sur le site http://www.siriusalgeria.net/apollo11/
ou la page facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAU100Algeria/
La confirmation des soirées sera donnée ici.
Confirmation pour Observation du Dimanche 21: de 8h30 à 10h
Confirmation pour Observation du Mardi 23: de 8h30 à 10h
OK Confirmation pour Observation du Jeudi 25: de 8h30 à 10h

7- Conferences:
(Sirius) 17h-19h every day

Un cycle de conférences de spécialistes et personnalités scientifiques, dont Prof. N.Guessoum American University in Sharjah and صاحب الحصة تأمل معي , Prof.Charaf Chabou, Directeur Faculté des Sciences de la Terre, Université de Sétif, Prof. J.Mimouni, Président African Astronomical Society, ...

- Saturday 20 July:
Press Conference at 10h: petit auditorium du Palais de la Culture
Inauguration and visit of the stands: 11h

OKThe Conferences

- Sunday 21 July :
Djounai Baba-Aissa, CRAAG: البرنامج أبولو والنزول على سطح القمر

S.Bentata, A.Mebrek, ASAL: الأقمار الصناعية المنجزة في مركز تطوير الأقمار بأرزيو

- Monday 22 July: 
Charaf Chabou, Univ. Sétif القمر تاريخه وجيولوجيته

A. Zegrar, K.Bouakkaz, K.Sekkour, ASAL: نشاطات و تقنيات بالمركز تقنيات الفضاء بأرزيو

- Tuesday 23 July: 

Faycal Demri, CDTA, Sirius: السباق إلى الفضاء: الإتحاد السوفياتي مقابل أمريكا

 - Wednesday 24 July: 
Mohamed Said Ouldali, Sirius إستغلال الفضاء القريب 

Jamal Mimouni, Univ. Constantine: المغامرة الفضائية الجوانب الإنسانية والتكنولوجية

- Thursday 25 July: 
Khaoula Aggoune, Faculté de Médecine, U. Mentouri & Sirius الطب الفضائي
 Djounai Baba-Aissa, CRAAG : المريخ وغزو الفضاء، المغامرة المتواصلة

- Friday 26 July: 
- Minimal program due to the Hirak

- Saturday 27 July: 
Nidhal Guessoum, American Univ. at Sharjah, UAE:
Two conferences

17h-18h: التجربة الروحية لرواد الفضاء

18h-19h: نقاش مفتوح حول العلم والدين والإنسان
Dedicace and book signing : أسئلة الإسلام و العلم المزعجة الكون، التطور، الإعجاز

Closure ceremony with a panel of scientific personalities : 19h-19h20



The Apollo 11 Model
for the WSW 2002 Constantine Salon
by Mustapha Derradji

An Old Activity related to Apollo 11 project

We report here on a project carried out within the World Space Week celebration in Algeria and used at the First National Constantine Salon on Popular Astronomy held at Constantine to celebrate the WSW. See the World Space Week official site for details
It consisted of building a mock up of Saturn V, that rocket which carried the Apollo 11 team to the Moon and back, and which fired up the imagination of generations of people who witnessed its launching, as well as the later generations who didn't. The Moon's adventure was indeed a momentous event of twentieth century history, and perhaps the most marking one in the history of Mankind. It launched numerous careers in Space sciences and Astronomy. It was not only epoch making, it stands as a turning point in the history of Mankind!

  The Saturn V Poster
   Early on, a large fine poster was realized by one member of the Sirius Association, Chamseddine MOUATSI, detailing the various stages of the rocket and the ignition sequence. It was relied upon partially to make the model to its correct scale.

What Kind of Model and For What Uses?
The idea was to have a handsome and accurate model which could be used at various events, at schools, cultural centers, so it had to be foldable and sturdy! It should help explain the Apollo adventure in an attractive way.
The first and second stage were realized in PVC while the connecting parts and the motor's nozzles where in plain wood, machined with the lathe I use for my carpentry work.


Displaying It

   The model was actually displayed at the WSW Salon as well as used in the course given on the Apollo mission at the meeting of the Association during the World Space Week.
It was also used during that week at the Ahbab al-Rahman” nursery school as part of their special space week activities.
More Pictures
(Assembly & disassembly

Even More Pictures

Talk given by a University professor on the history of the Apollo program

Displaying it at a kindergarten school

The Association's group picture
Developing basic modeling skills