In the Middle of the Action

- Faculty members caught teaching
- The End of the Year Thesis evaluation

Dr.Seghouani in the computing room for a C++ and signal processing programing sessions.

Dr.Abdelatif from the CRAAG relaxing among the students after giving one of his solar physics course.

Dr. Boudjada from the Austrian Royal Academy at Gratz teaching planetary plasmas.

Here in a convincing mood

The joy of teaching to motivated students

Dr.Mebarki teaching a course on General Relativity

Dr.Kahlouche from the Centre des Techniques Spatiales at Arzew in action.Here teaching celestial mechanics and space geodesy.

Dr.A..Benslama in his office right across the teaching room. He is teaching numerical methods applied to astrophysics.


Dr.Hamza from New Brunswick University in Canada taught an advanced course on the physics of space plasma..
In the background, Dr.Rhouati, the Dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences.

Dr. Reda Attallah at right from Annaba University has taught two courses related to comic ray physics. At right N. Seghouani, the head of the Astronomy and Astrophysics depart. at the CRAAG.

Dr.N.Guessoum from the American University at Sharjah.
"Now listen folks..."

Got it?

Try harder!

That's rather simple... Look.

That's what X-Ray and Gamma Ray astrophysics is all about!

S.Kalli from M'sila University teaching Linux and applying it to Seghouani's course on C++ programming.

Here tutoring the EDA students.

EDA, Physics Department
Faculty of Science, Mentouri University
Constantine, Route de Ain Bey, 25000, Algeria